Seeds Rant of the Week: Our Health and Wealth, One Nation Under G-d

When I was younger my political views were so clear, however, as I have aged everything has become blurry (including my eyesight). As our country ventures into a new era with the passing of the current administration’s health care reform, I can’t help but wonder if we are moving forward or backwards.

For many years now our nation has been experiencing a decline in health and wealth. Many have focused on our decline, but many have not put forth the view that the two are related…I believe they are. After all, if a person is unable to work due to diet induced diabetic illness, they are affecting the health and the wealth of their home, their community and the entire nation. But who is responsible? Big business for marketing food made in laboratories or the person who chooses to eat the laboratory food? To confuse things even more, our own nation’s pledge recites “one nation under g-d” …if we are to follow the laws set forth by the fathers of this country, then why are we eating food from man and not G-d?

You can see how my politics have become blurred. I cannot find a political home that seems to answer the above questions with social responsibility for business or our ailing population.

One thing is for sure; I have developed a strong belief that social education is the only answer to catapult change. Businesses will mooch off our society as long as they have their wallet open. Our government, to date, won’t hold anyone accountable. It will take the laws of supply and demand for change to happen. When the unemployable person with type 2 diabetes is considered an oddity because they eat from man, not G-d we will see a positive shift in the health and wealth of this country.

What’s your take?


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